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Why Is My Face Always So Red?

An embarrassing moment, a heated argument, an intense workout — you expect your face to flush in times like those. A flash of red swells up in your neck and cheeks, and within minutes, it fades back to your normal skin color. 

But what are you supposed to do when your face is flushed, even when you’re cool as a cucumber? 

There are a few ways to explain your facial redness, ranging from allergies and acne to hormonal imbalances and genetics. Whatever’s behind it, the good news is that facial redness is rarely a health threat. 

It does, however, blemish your aesthetic. This is where our expert helps.

Dr. Chinyere Orafu and our team at Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers diagnose and treat the most common causes of facial redness. Here’s a closer look at how we can help you understand your rouged cheeks and find a way to tone them down.


Rosacea is one of the leading causes of chronic facial redness, affecting more than 14 million people in the US. It’s most common among fair-skinned women, but virtually anyone can get it. 

This frustrating skin condition is made even more infuriating by the fact that there’s no exact cause. Researchers point to a combination of genetics, immune system overreactions, and triggers in daily life. A rosacea flare-up can occur when you:

In addition to red skin, advanced rosacea can also cause visible veins, swollen bumps, burning sensation, eye problems, and an enlarged nose. We recommend getting help for rosacea as soon as possible for that reason. 

Sun damage

Your skin loves and hates the sun. On the one hand, your skin needs the sun to help produce vitamin D. On the other hand, too much sun for too long can lead to early signs of aging (and, in the most extreme case, cancer). 

Sun damage can cause the smaller blood vessels in your face to become more pronounced and visible, making you look flushed. These visible veins are called spider veins, which can develop from sun damage. 


Acne certainly is a four-letter word — and it can remain in your vocabulary well into adulthood. Pimples, pustules, and pockmarks may not be your only concern. Acne, especially chronic, unmanaged acne, irritates your skin and leaves behind redness and swelling. 

The treatment

Dr. Orafu and our team specialize in rosacea and facial redness treatment. Depending on your needs and the different sources behind your flushed face, we select the best treatment from our comprehensive lineup of services. 

Many of our patients benefit from laser skin rejuvenation. We use advanced laser technology to target and eliminate open and broken blood vessels that make your face look red. 

You notice your face is red (even a little more red than before), but don’t panic. That’s just your body’s natural reaction to the laser energy. After a few days or weeks, your rosacea and post-treatment redness fade, leaving you with a soft, more natural-looking complexion.

We also offer various other services, including chemical peels, microneedling, and Aviclear acne treatments, and a lineup of prescription-strength skin care products to keep your skin healthy at home.  

Don’t spend another day frustrated by relentless ruddy cheeks. Request a consultation online or call our friendly staff today. We serve patients in the Dover and Canton, Ohio, area.

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