What Does the Opus Plasma™ Laser Treat?

What Does the Opus Plasma™ Laser Treat?

Opus Plasma™ is a new and innovative skin resurfacing technology that can help improve the texture and tone of your skin. It combines plasma with radiofrequency (RF) energy to reverse the effects of aging, like wrinkles and sun damage.

Chinyere Orafu, MD, FACOG, and our team at Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers offer this state-of-the-art technology to help you achieve your skin goals. 

How does Opus Plasma work?

Opus Plasma is a new and groundbreaking type of technology. Opus Plasma isn’t a laser but rather a type of energy that can be channeled into making a difference in your skin. 

However, Opus Plasma is like many other laser treatments in that it works through fractional skin resurfacing, which means that it removes a fraction of your skin from a specific targeted area without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. 

After removing this small piece of skin that has undesired aesthetic properties, your body produces new collagen to heal itself. This step, in turn, allows a new layer of skin to develop that’s not only healthier but also looks and feels younger and rejuvenated.

The results you can expect from Opus Plasma

When you choose Opus Plasma for your aesthetic needs, our Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers team recommends getting three sessions spaced about eight weeks apart to see maximum results. These sessions take about 15-20 minutes each with only a little downtime.

Collagen takes time to develop, so although you will see nice improvements within two weeks, it may take a few months for you to realize the full effects.

You can use Opus Plasma to correct any of the following skin imperfections:

This cosmetic procedure is also beneficial for rebuilding collagen overall in your face to help reverse the effects of aging. In addition, it’s a viable option for treating any sagging skin on your neck that may have lost elasticity. Experts say that the skin on the neck tends to respond better to Opus Plasma than to other anti-aging treatments.

In addition to your face and neck, Opus Plasma can also treat a variety of areas on your body that you may want to correct. It’s very effective for treating crepey skin on your arms as well as any stretchmarks you may have on your body. Another strong suit of Opus Plasma is being able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture, and tighten the decollate.

No matter what your skin goals are, your provider caters to your treatments to meet your specific needs.

Next steps

If you’d like to consider Opus Plasma and all the benefits it has to offer your skin, contact us at Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers today. Call us or use our online booking tool to schedule a consultation at one of our offices in Dover or Canton, Ohio.

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