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Uncover a Younger Version of Yourself with Our Revitalization Treatment

Uncover a Younger Version of Yourself with Our Revitalization Treatment

You look in the mirror to find that the aging process is belying that youthful spirit you still feel inside. As you sift through the many options for hitting the reset button on your skin — chemical peels, laser treatments, facelifts — we want to draw your attention to an exciting new revitalization treatment from Italy called WiQo® PRX-T33 (Revitalization).

Dr. Chinyere Orafu and our experienced team of skin care specialists here at Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers are thrilled to include this innovative approach to skincare among our many aesthetic services.

In the following, we explore the many benefits of Revitalization with WiQo.

Skin regeneration at the dermal level

The active ingredients in WiQo Revitalization are trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and hydrogen peroxide, which reach down into the dermal layers of your skin for optimal skin renewal.

As you age, your skin loses collagen support, the protein responsible for the structure and tone of your skin. The collagen production loss is slow at first — about 1% a year, starting in your 20s. This gradual loss can add up, however, and by the time you hit your late 30s and beyond, wrinkles and sagging can develop.

The concentration of TCA in WiQo (33%), combined with hydrogen peroxide, reaches down into your dermis to clear away damaged and tired skin cells and encourage more collagen production and new skin cell generation. As a result, your skin rebuilds itself from deep within, giving you a brighter, plumper, and tighter surface.

A treatment for many issues

Our WiQo revitalization treatment can tackle a wide range of skin concerns, including:

We use our WiQo revitalization treatment to address skin care concerns on your face and other areas of your body, such as skin laxity in your decolletage area or stretch marks on your belly.

Short on time and long on results

If you’re constantly on the go and can’t afford skin treatments that come with downtime, WiQo Revitalization is perfect for you. There are no needles, no peels, and no pain, which means you can meet your cosmetic goals without sacrificing precious time — both during and after — to the effort.

Since WiQo Revitalization addresses such a wide range of issues, your skin care regimen is simplified into one treatment.

Great for all skin types in all seasons

Another fantastic advantage of WiQo Revitalization is that the treatment is safe and effective for all skin types — from the fairest to the darkest.

WiQo Revitalization is also non-photosensitizing, which means we can treat your skin in any season, including summer.

If you’d like to see for yourself how effective and simple our WiQo Revitalization treatment is, please contact one of our two locations in Dover or Canton, Ohio, to set up an appointment.

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