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Try Laser Technology to Treat Your Rosacea

Try Laser Technology to Treat Your Rosacea

You blush at a compliment and turn dark red when caught in a lie — but when your cheeks are rosy 24/7, it takes a toll on your confidence, and that’s what’s in store when you have rosacea. Redness might not even be your biggest complaint. Small bumps, dry patches, enlarged pores, and a swollen nose often accompany rosacea.

Now what? Instead of throwing in the towel on your skin and trying desperately to cover up the redness with makeup, consider all your options. Laser treatments for rosacea are an effective way to take back your skin.

Turning to lasers for cosmetic concerns may sound extreme, but when you know the science behind it, you understand why it’s our signature procedure. 

Here, Dr. Chinyere Orafu and our Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers team explain the basic principle of laser treatments for rosacea.

Where rosacea comes from

Rosacea is an inflammatory condition that makes the blood vessels in your face visible. The reason some people get rosacea while others don’t isn’t clear; however, many point to an overactive immune system, heredity, and even environmental factors. 

Despite what some believe, rosacea is not contagious and doesn’t stem from poor hygiene. Rosacea flare-ups can be triggered by:

You’re also at an increased risk if you’re female, have skin that burns easily in the sun, are over 30, smoke, and/or have a family history of rosacea.

The key to get long term improvement with rosacea is to go below the surface of your skin and target the blood vessels. Enter laser treatments.

The science behind our laser treatments

The wavelengths of light from the lasers we use emit heat — and that’s where the real power of laser treatment lies. As the heat penetrates the layers of your skin, it collapses the tiny, visible red blood vessels, reducing redness and dramatically improving your skin’s texture without damaging the surrounding skin. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, laser treatments for rosacea offer anywhere from 50-75% improvement in symptoms after 1-3 treatments. Bonus: Results can last for years. 

Consider this

Laser treatments are among the most effective ways to get clearer skin, but they don’t come without some risk. Before you get laser treatment, we walk you through a few of the potential outcomes, including:

Any side effects you experience are mild and should subside shortly after your treatment. If they don’t, contact us immediately, and we can recommend the next steps.

Dr. Orafu also discusses your medical history, prescriptions, and other skin sensitivity issues beforehand, ensuring you’re an ideal candidate. 

Are you wondering why you’ve waited so long to try laser treatments for rosacea? Don’t hesitate to request an appointment online or over the phone at our Dover or Canton, Ohio, office today. We’d love to walk you through your options and see if laser treatments are best for you. 

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