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The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation with Morpheus8 V

 The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation with Morpheus8 V

From age to the side effects of childbirth, the vagina goes through violent changes that lead to frustrating problems, including dryness, sexual dysfunction, discomfort, abnormal bleeding, incontinence, laxity, and more. Unfortunately, many women accept this as a part of life and never get the help they need or deserve. 

We want you to know you have options, so we make vaginal rejuvenation a key part of our comprehensive services. Dr. Chinyere Orafu and our team at Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers bring you the best technology and treatments to help you get back to peak sexual health. 

Here’s an inside look at one of our most advanced treatments: Morpheus8 V

What is Morpheus8 V?

Morpheus8 V is the latest addition to our lineup of vaginal rejuvenation treatments. This system restores and rejuvenates the vagina by delivering controlled pulses of radiofrequency energy deep in your vagina and labia. Pulses stimulate the production of elastin and collagen and tighten the soft tissue. The result is better lubrication, increased function and strength, and renewed thickness. 

Need more proof that Morpheus8 V is the best option? Here are some other reasons why we love this technology.

Morpheus8 V is versatile

Many things take a toll on your vagina — Morpheus8 V is an answer to virtually all of them. We use Morpheus8 V to treat the most common vaginal problems, including pain during sex, loose vaginal walls, dryness, itching, decreased sensation, and incontinence.

This breakthrough treatment increases elasticities to improve sexual function. It also helps improve bladder control. Morpheus8 V is FDA approved to help manage urinary urge incontinence, which causes many women to wake up multiple times at night to empty their bladder — and even rush to make it to the restroom. In short, Morpheus8 V improves overall vaginal and vulvar wellness.

But that’s not all. This treatment also improves the appearance of the vaginal. It can address cosmetic issues and restructure sagging, wrinkled, or enlarged labia.

Morpheus8 V is all-natural

Sure. You can try to relieve itching with a topical cream, and some hormone replacement therapies may be able to restore some functions, but none of those address what’s going on. You may even opt for surgery to tighten your vaginal walls, but who wants to be stuck in recovery when they don’t have to be?

​​Morpheus8 V is different 

At our practice, we naturally and painlessly rejuvenate your vagina from the inside by stimulating your body's ability to heal and repair itself. It also kick-starts your elastin and collagen production. 

Why does that matter? Elastin and collagen are two of your most significant proteins. They’re responsible for giving your skin its structure and flexibility. Over time or after the main event of childbirth, you lose your collagen and elastin, which is when many vaginal problems start. 

Morpheus8 V does not come with a long recovery

Because we don’t have to make any incisions, you don’t have to spend weeks or months recovering after your treatment. Most of our patients resume their normal activities shortly afterward, but we caution against intercourse, tampon use, and hot tubs or baths for 3-4 days. 

Getting the most out of your treatment

Depending on your needs, we may recommend that you have more than one treatment. You may also benefit from a few tried-and-true vaginal strengthening tricks to get the most out of your treatment. 

For instance, sexual dysfunction, incontinence, and loose vaginal walls can be helped by regularly doing Kegel exercises. These quick squeezes of your pelvic floor muscles help strengthen your vagina and restore function. 

Stop accepting your vaginal problems and start taking steps towards a happier, healthier life. Our friendly staff is standing by to help you — call or go online to schedule an appointment today at one of our offices in Dover or Canton, Ohio.

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