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Smoother and Slimmer with Sculpt™

Smoother and Slimmer with Sculpt™

If you spend two minutes scrolling on social media or watching the newest reality TV show — what do you notice? Virtually everyone has a perfectly shaped figure with smooth skin. You might throw up your hands and think they have stellar genetics, and a body like that is out of reach. 

But you’d be wrong. 

Cellulite and stubborn fat are some of the most frustrating body and aesthetic issues our patients struggle with, even for gym rats, health nuts, and celebrities. 

We know that having confidence in your body and achieving your weight loss goals is essential to practically every aspect of your health; Dr. Chinyere Orafu and our team at Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers give patients in the Canton and Dover, Ohio, area the best, most advanced options for smoother skin and a sexier silhouette. 

Here, we dive into what’s happening behind your cellulite and stubborn fat and highlight the newest addition to our lineup of treatments. 

The skinny on cellulite

Cellulite affects millions of people worldwide. You know it by the dimples and lumps on your thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen that resemble the texture of cottage cheese. While cellulite isn’t a health concern, it can be a cosmetic nuisance that affects your self-esteem. 

You might think that cellulite is just a fat problem, but it’s more involved than that. You can still have cellulite even if you are physically fit.

Cellulite is a unique fat that accumulates in the connective tissues under your skin. When fat cells grow larger, they push against those tissues and bulge, giving your skin a lumpy appearance. Additionally, the fibrous bands that connect your skin to the muscle layer can become tight and inflexible, further contributing to the dimpled look of cellulite.

Almost anyone can get cellulite, but women are more at risk. Only around 10% of men have cellulite, but between 80 and 90% of women who’ve gone through puberty have cellulite. 

Women have connective tissues arranged vertically, which allows fat cells to protrude easily and push against the outer skin layer. Women can also blame their thinner skin and tendency to store fat on their thighs and buttocks.

Other risk factors that can increase your likelihood of developing cellulite include:

Plenty of schemes and gimmicks promise to help you tackle your cellulite problem, but ultimately, the only way to get rid of it is to go below the surface. 

Sculpt™ — the only noninvasive treatment targeting cellulite on all skin types — uses 2.45 gigahertz energy (the energy your microwave runs on) to seek out and destroy cellulite. 

Some other benefits of Sculpt are:

Sculpt also offers a fast, discrete healing process without bruising or scarring.

Body shaping and fat reduction

Muffin tops, love handles, and bat wings are some of the cute names we give to the not-so-cute areas of our bodies. But even if you work out consistently, watch what you eat, and do all the other fat-loss tricks, getting rid of fat can be challenging (sometimes impossible). That’s when we recommend Sculpt. 

Sculpt harnesses precise microwave energy to target and eliminate stubborn fat cells directly. Its unique, flat-panel applicator ensures that up to 80% of the energy is absorbed in your fat layers instead of your skin. Other treatments get absorbed primarily by the skin instead of the fat cells and are more painful and less effective. 

With the help of Sculpt, you can toss your elastic shapewear. Sculpt gives you the confidence to show off your figure — without Spanx.

Maximizing your treatments

Want to round out your treatments and get the most out of them? You can play a significant role in getting rid of cellulite. Consider these cellulite- and fat-fighting strategies:

Don’t be let down by dimpled skin and stubborn fat any longer. Visit us for life-changing treatments delivered with the type of loving care and honesty that you can’t find anywhere else. Call or click online to schedule an appointment with us today.

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