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Laser Hair Removal Has Become Even More Comfortable With Soprano ICE Platinum

Let’s face it: There’s nothing comfortable about dealing with unwanted body hair. Whether you’re a dedicated waxer, married to your favorite razor, or a serial plucker, you’re bound to experience some pain. 

Even many advanced laser treatments, though faster and more efficient, cause discomfort during treatment. 

Not anymore. 

Dr. Chinyere Orafu and our team at Ohio Laser & Wellness Center are proud to offer our patients a better way to remove unwanted hair with the Soprano ICE Platinum laser hair removal solution

Here’s everything you should know. 

Why does laser hair removal hurt?

Our patients prefer laser hair removal to traditional methods because it’s faster, more efficient, and produces better, longer-lasting results. Most only have to go through it a few times until unwanted hair disappears. 

But the road to hair-free skin isn’t necessarily pain-free. Eliminating unwanted hair requires heat energy from lasers targeted at the follicles embedded in the skin. 

Inevitably, that means you experience a snapping, stinging sensation during treatment. Most tolerate laser hair removal well, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to make it better. 

Enter the Soprano ICE Platinum laser system. 

How does the Soprano ICE Platinum system reduce pain?

The developers at Alma Lasers have created the Soprano ICE Platinum device, a laser hair removal solution clinically proven to be virtually painless. 

This system has a unique heating and energy delivery method, which damages only the hair follicles and prevents regrowth while simultaneously cooling the surface of your skin to stop burns and pain. 

What else can I expect?

Pain-free treatment isn’t all that the Soprano ICE Platinum system delivers. This laser hair removal solution is also FDA-approved for skin types I-IV and tanned skin. It uses repetitive low-energy, rather than single pulses of high energy, to leave the outer layers of your skin untouched and destroy only the structure of the follicles below. 

Unlike other laser removal devices,  Soprano ICE Platinum is sensitive enough to seek and destroy fine, light hairs. 

Are there other ways to reduce pain?

You can help your body better handle laser hair removal in many ways. 

For starters, we recommend you lay off the wax strips and tweezers, or the lasers will have no hair to grab onto and destroy. You can shave, but you shouldn’t do it just before your appointment — leave a few days grace to ensure your skin bounces back from any razor burn. 

On that note, make sure the treatment area is irritation-free. That means avoiding sunburn and other products or practices that dry out and aggravate your skin. If you develop an active infection, such as a cold sore, we will likely reschedule your treatment until after your skin has healed. 

We may also ask you to stop taking specific prescription or over-the-counter medications that increase bleeding. 

After treatment, care looks much the same, though you may be able to resume taking prescription medications unless we tell you otherwise. 

Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from further irritation, and once your skin has recovered from treatment, use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. 

Ready to see what the new wave of laser hair removal offers? We’d love to talk with you. You can request a consultation online or call our friendly staff today. We serve patients in the Dover and Canton, Ohio, area.

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